Group members:

Satya Kiran Popuri

Eric Ho

Bharath M P



       This is the main panel. The left side of the screen is dedicated for the system controls.

These controls include heating and cooling modes as well as fan settings.

       To the right is the status screen. The house is a metaphor for the userís home.

       The inside temperature and settings are shown within the house because they directly affect the inside of the house.

       The outside temperature is shown outside of the house for similar reasons.

       The color of the house changes according to its current state.

       When it is heating, the house will be filled with orange to denote heat.

       When it is cooling, the house will be filled with blue.

       The status bar at the top shows the date, time, and battery power level.This status bar will always be displayed on top of every screen.





       Upon touching the settings button from the main screen, the user will be presented with the settings screen similar to the one shown above.

       When the heating schedule button is selected, the heating temperatures will be displayed as shown above.

       The user can select multiple time periods to adjust either the time or temperature using the respective arrow buttons.

       The user can press reset to restore factory default settings to the heating schedule.

       When apply is pressed, the settings are saved.





       Notice the change in the background color of the cooling panel.





       Pressing the override button will present user with three options as shown above.

       User can touch anywhere within the white box to active the choice.

       The green led lights indicate currently active settings.

       Below the schedule settings are buttons to modify the units to either Fahrenheit or Celsius units.

       Pressing the main button to the left will return the user to the main screen.