Guan Wang

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Conference Papers:

  • Guan Wang, Qingbo Hu, and Philip S. Yu, Influence and Similarity on Social Networks, CIKM'12
  • Guan Wang, Yuchen Zhao, Xiaoxiao Shi, and Philip S. Yu, Magnet Community Identification on Social Networks, KDD'12
  • You can detect communities. That's fine. I can identify which of them are magnet to people. An interesting application of this can be a ranking for company attractiveness on talented people. Want to know which IT or finance companies are top talent magnet? Read the paper :)
  • Sihong Xie, Guan Wang, Shuyang Lin, and Philip S. Yu, Review Spam Detection via Time Series Pattern Discovery, KDD'12
  • Review spams are anonying. When a spammer writes many fake reviews, we have more clues to catch him/her. However, what if the spammer registers many accounts and only writes one review per account?
    This paper explores the first way of catching singluar spammers. A short version of this paper appears at WWW'12 poster session.
  • Guan Wang, Sihong Xie, Bing Liu, and Philip S. Yu, Review Graph based Online Store Review Spammer Detection, ICDM'11
  • Who are telling lies about their online shopping experiences and trying to promote/demote stores? It's hard to tell even for human after reading these reviews. Is it harder for machines to tell WITHOUT even looking at any review text? The answer is counter-intuitive: Probably not.
    This paper gives the first construction of review graph and use it to catch spammers.
  • Guan Wang, Tongbo Luo, Michael T. Goodrich, and Wenliang Du, Bureaucratic Protocols for Secure Two-Party Sorting, Selection, and Permuting, AISACCS'10
  • Two of us knows a bunch of secret numbers that we want to sort them all, or select the k-th largest one, or do a permutation on them. However, we don't want the other person knows what numbers are in our own hand.
    This paper gives an efficient solution to this likely impossible mission.
  • Zutao Zhu, Guan Wang, and Wenliang Du, Deriving Private Information from Association Rule Mining Results, ICDE'09
  • As it says in the title.
  • Guan Wang, Zutao Zhu, and Wenliang Du, Inference Analysis in Privacy-Preserving Data Re-publishing, ICDM'08
  • Data publishing may violate people's privacy. So people came up with ways to preserve privacy when publishing data. How about publishing a series of versions of same data, like patient history?
    This paper gives a quantification of your privacy risk when publishing such different versions.

Journal Papers:

  • Guan Wang, Sihong Xie, Bing Liu, and Philip S. Yu, Identify Online Store Review Spammers via Social Review Graph. To appear in ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology