Guan Wang

Love. Faith. Hope.

Connecting the dots...

Behind me is a company that shares big data vision. They invited me to give suggestions on how to build a data mining research team. They introduced their unique data related to a huge and unexplored industry by data miners. It's my great honor to listen to them. Now their data mining projects are up and running, with my suggestions. Yeah! Thank the great research lab to give me the good sense of data. (2011 fall, Chicago)

Great experience at LinkedIn to listen to its founder Reid Hoffman and CEO Jeff Weiner. Reid Hoffman is recognized as a visionary entrepreneur and social network player for his founding experience of PayPal and LinkedIn. Jeff Weiner is a great CEO of Yahoo! and LinkedIn, respectively.
We interns are so lucky to have the chances to communicate with them closely, asking questions, listening to advices. Even LinkedIn's full-timers don't have such chances. Thank LinkedIn for its caring for interns! (2011 summer, Mountain View)







It was my first international conference experience. ICDM'08 was in Pisa, Italy. I had great trouble with the jet lag and missed a great many of morning talks. I was also very green on giving a talk. I finished my talk within 5 minutes... The experience is fun and precious. (2008 winter, Pisa, Italy)










All the great journey starts from here, University of Science and Technology of China. It is truly a legendary university. I had heard it at my age 5, before any other univeristies. It is, literarily from the first day it was founded, a magnet to young and ambitious people who want to change the world via sciences and technologies. I had the great fortune to have USTC as my mother university. Without being emotional, I recommend it to any young people with a scientist dream. (2003 to 2007, Hefei, China)