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Triathlon (2002-2007)

I started running triathlons (swimming, biking, running) in 2002. Below are times for the races I've been able to run, and below that are some swim times. I'm currently swimming and running regularly. Injuries and lack of time stop me from biking, but hopefully I'll get back to it so I can run triathlons again.

TriathlonSwim, Bike, RunTime
Cal Poly, 2004800y, 22mi, 4mi1:54:32
UC Davis, 2004500y, 15mi, 4mi1:22:37
Collegiate Nationals, 20041500m, 40k, 10k2:32:05

Swim50 Free50 Fly100 Free
TYR Masters, 2009 (SC meters)30.18, 29.10*32.33, 31.52*1:08:58
* Relay

RunDistanceTimeOverallAge Group
Chicago Fleet Feet Sports Soldier Field, 201210 miles1:19:341411 of 12857253 of 1213 (Men 30-34)
ChiTown Half Marathon, 201313.1 miles1:45:04

Tae Kwon Do (1998-2002)

In college I spent my spare time studying Tae Kwon Do, eventually becoming a black belt. But in 2002, injuries finally sidelined my martial arts aspirations.

Golf (1993-1997)

Golf kept me occupied through high school, where we had a solid team. I've had several rounds close to par but have never gone red for 18 holes. Eventually I'll take it up seriously again--the question is whether it is before or after I retire.