This page summaries the projects that I have been involved in, including those both for research and courses. In general, my research is part of the CASSIS (Context-Aware Computing with Applications to Public Health Management) project funded by the NSF.

Research projects

Semantic Data Integration and Interoperation

One of the most significant obstacles in data integration and interoperation is the data heterogeneities presented in forms of syntactic (w.r.t. data model), schematic (w.r.t. data structure), and semantic (w.r.t. data meaning) differences between different data sources. Our research is focused on the resolution of such heterogeneities on a conceptual level by making use of ontologies, so as to facilitate the integration and interoperability of relational, XML, and RDF data. The data integration in both central and peer-to-peer settings has been investigated. [more...]

Query Processing in Data Integration Systems

Query processing enables dynamic, flexible, and scalable data integration and interoperation. The two primary approaches to query processing in a heterogeneous data integration system are query rewriting (or reformulation) and query answering. While focusing on the use of ontologies, our efforts have been put into the following aspects: query rewriting across XML and RDF data, integration of heterogeneous query answers, and theoretical issues (such as query containment) in P2P query processing. [more...]

Semantic Desktop for Personal Information Management

The increasing academic and industrial efforts invested in desktop information search have been far from researching the full power of desktop search. The primary difficulty for finding personal information in a desktop exsits in the physically isolated but semantically related heterogeneous information pieces in different files. This ongoing project aims to utilize the Semantic Web technologies to develop a platform, called Semantic Desktop, for desktop users to manage their personal information conveniently and efficiently. The vision of Semantic Desktop involves multiple fields, such as the Semantic Web, databases, natural language processing, information retrieval, data mining, and human computer interaction. Our work mainly focuses on two aspects: a semantics-rich data organization and an effcient and flexible semantic data manipulation (including data visualization). [more...]

Course projects

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Other projects

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