CS 102 Lab Page, Spring '11

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Lab 1 Introduction to CS 102, Scratch
Lab 2 Explore more on Eclipse, Simple Java input and output program
Lab 3 small program using for loop, if, and some variables
Lab 4 small program using for, if, and some variables
Lab 5 Manipulating Drawing Objects.
Lab 6 Classes, Constructors, methods
Lab 7 Array, Selection Sort
Lab 8 Recursion
Lab 9 Simple C program, function call
Lab 10 More on C Programming: I/O, String
Lab 11 Link List in C++













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Thanks to many previous TAs for helping with this content:
Guan Wang, Feihong Hsu, Mark Thompson, Wenxuan Gao, Scott Price, Rigel Gjomemo, Shaojie Zhang, Ulas Keles, Marco Maggioni, Tomas Gerlich, Marco Bernasconi