Final Exam - Thursday 9 August - Lecture Center C3

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In Preparation for the First Day of Class:

Please do the following:

  1. Sign up for Zybooks, the online interactive textbook we will be using for this class:
  1. Read section 1.2 of the textbook. Complete both the Participation and Challenge questions as best as you can, in order to learn how the book works. ( Note: You will probably have to refresh your browser page after completing the Challenge questions, before you see credit for them. )
  2. Note: Because everything moves twice as fast during the summer, please complete the participation questions for the first three chapters prior to the first day of class. The challenge questions will be due Thursday, the second class meeting, along with the participation questions for chapters 4-5.
  3. Acquire an iClicker, and register it through our Blackboard site. Any version of the iClicker hardware will be sufficient, but the software app that runs on a phone or computer will not be acceptable.
  4. ( Optional ) If you want to run Matlab on your own personal computer this term, get a copy from . The $49 version will be adequate for this class. You will have to decide for yourself if you want to invest in more advanced toolboxes for your future use after this course. ( Note: Matlab will be available in ACCC labs, so you do not have to own Matlab, or even a computer, to take this course. )

General Announcements

  • Textbook: The textbook for this course is an interactive book, available online from
  • Recommended source for Matlab:
  • The CS 109 Summer 2018 Piazza page can be found at:
  • The CS 109 Summer 2018 Blackboard site is: CS 109 C/C++ Programming (16592 ) 2018 Summer
  • If you have not already done so, please register your iClicker on the Blackboard course site.
  • C++ Compiler:
  • In addition to the Zyante material, you may want to review John Bell's Introduction to Matlab notes.

    Homework Submission Instructions:

    Unless your specific TA tells you otherwise, please submit your programming homework assignments as follows:

    1. Create a directory that includes your NetID and HW number, e.g. jbellHW1
    2. Copy the files you want to submit for grading into that directory.  The Matlab script should have a .m extension.  The user documentation file could be pdf, doc, txt, or other format that is acceptable to your TA.  Having the NetID as part of the file names is probably a good idea as well, e.g. jbellHW1.m and jbellHW1.pdf
    3. Zip the directory, and submit the zipped directory via Blackboard.

    Note: These instructions are subject to correction and/or refinement as necessary, and may be changed by individual TAs to meet their specific needs. If in doubt, ask your TA.


  • Exam Policies:


    The coverage of Matlab plotting will be based on John Bell's Matlab Plotting Notes, in addition to the Zyante material. ( You can skip over the first part on data visualization. )




    CS 109 Tutors! The following tutors have been hired specifically to help CS 109 students. They are all students who did well in the class when they took it, mostly last semester.

    ( Information to be updated when available. )


    Loaner Laptops!


    Safari Online: The UIC library has a number of books available for free online access by students that are relevent to this course.