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Welcome to IEEE ICST 2016 in beautiful Chicago!

To register for the conference, please follow this link. Hotel reservation link will be provided to you as part of your registration. Registration fees are valid only when registering before March 15 and will be increased later. We invite you to contribute to and attend the IEEE International Conference on  Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST) 2016! Our focus for 2016 is to  show that software testing, V&V can be applied to complex heterogeneous  distributed software systems. A multiplicity of various approaches, algorithms and  techniques have been developed by the ICST and the rest of software engineering  community, and they can and must be applied to large-scale software applications  to ensure their correctness and reliability. ICST is the premier conference in all areas related to software testing. The  development of a software system involves human judgement and, sometimes,  political, legal and social processes. As a result, software testing, verification and  validation includes testing, inspections, safety certification, security, privacy and  draws upon a wide spectrum of disciplines, including engineering, mathematics  and also psychology. Verification and validation touches all aspects of computer  science and software engineering research and impacts every software practitioner. ICST seeks to meet these challenges by bringing together researchers and  practitioners for a conference that includes all aspects of software testing,  verification, and validation. ICST includes research papers, industrial experience  reports and presentations, tool demonstrations, and tutorials. For the research  papers, ICST seeks high quality original work that has never been published and  that advances the state of the art in software testing, verification and validation.  For the industrial experience reports, ICST seeks papers and presentations that  present real world experience from which others can benefit. Tool demonstrations  are also welcome, especially those openly available for others to use. Finally, we  are seeking tutorials that are relevant to both practitioners and researchers. See  the specific calls for more details. Extended versions of the best papers from ICST  conferences are regularly published in special editions of JSTVR. 
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Welcome Message Hello and Welcome to this website! I am the General Chair of ICST 2016 and with the OC we will make this event a huge success! Chicago is an excellent venue for meetings of all kinds. It hosts millions of visitors every year for a wide range of commercial, technical, and professional meetings and was the site of the 2012 NATO and G8 summits. It provides an unmatched array of local attractions and a center city setting that ranks as one of the world’s best for views, amenities, and culture. With direct flights to and from all continents, it is easily and economically accessible to participants anywhere. We believe is it therefore an excellent site for ICST. Mark Grechanik University of Illinois at Chicago and the Organizing Committee and ICST Steering Committee
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Chicago, IL, USA
April 10-15, 2016