First International Workshop on
Semantic Web and Databases
Co-located with VLDB 2003
Berlin, Germany
September 7-8, 2003
Supported in part by the OntoWeb Network  
Keynote Talk
Philip A. Bernstein
Microsoft Research
Generic Model Management: A Database Infrastructure for Schema Manipulation
Meta data management problems are pervasive in the development and maintenance of semantic web applications. Although solutions to these problems are similar to each other, today they are solved in an application-specific way and usually require much object-at-a-time
programming. To make solutions more generic and easier to program, we propose a higher level interface, called Model Management. The main abstractions are models and mappings between models. It treats these abstractions as bulk objects and offers such operators as Match, Merge, Diff, Compose, Extract, and ModelGen. We will present an overview of Model Management and recent results about some of the operators.
Phil Bernstein is a researcher at Microsoft Corporation. Over the past 25 years, he has been a product architect at Microsoft and at Digital Equipment Corp., a professor at Harvard University and Wang Institute of Graduate Studies, and a VP Software at Sequoia Systems. During that time, he has published over 100 articles on the theory and implementation of database systems, and coauthored three books, the latest of which is "Principles of Transaction Processing for the System Professional" (Morgan Kaufmann, 1997). He holds a B.S. from Cornell University and a Ph.D. from University of Toronto. A summary of his current research on meta data management can be found at
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