A Tutorial Introduction to Infrastructure for the Analysis and Mining of Globally Distributed Data


Part 1 Data Grids and Data Webs   Robert L. Grossman
University of Illinois at Chicago/Two Cultures Group
Part 2 Distributed Data Mining   Yike Guo
Imperial College
Part 3 Semantic Web and Web Services   Isabel F. Cruz
University of Illinois at Chicago


A variety of distributed infrastructures have emerged which support the remote and distributed analysis of data, including data webs, data grids, and semantic webs. With clusters and high performance networks becoming common, the analysis of remote and distributed data is now practical. In this tutorial, we broad an overview of the infrastructure and tools available for analyzing globally distributed data. The tutorial includes several case studies from science, engineering, and business. We will describe both cluster and grid based tools from high performance computing as well as web services being developed by the web community. Finally, we give an overview of the current and emerging standards. The goal of the tutorial is to provide researchers, practitioners, and advanced students with an introduction to techniques for analyzing and mining globally distributed data.

Contact information

For Part 3 of the Tutorial, send email to ifc@cs.uic.edu if you would like to receive a file with the presentation.