Database and Information System Laboratory
Database research
Isabel Cruz, Ashfaq Khokhar, Bing Liu, Prasad Sistla, Ouri Wolfson, Clement Yu (director).

The main research projects are:

  • Metasearch engine utilizes numerous search engines to search the Web and integrates the results to serve the users.
  • Retrieval of pictures based on approximate contents. This has wide applications in entertainment, education, law enforcement and military industries.
  • Automatic analysis of unstructured (in natural language) data. Consumer product surveys can be analyzed and concisely described without examining individual documents.
  • Relationships between names of attributes/entities. Relationships are in the form of synonyms, homonyms, is-a relationships and aggregate relationships. This information is useful in schema integration.
  • Data mining, text and Web mining. This research seeks to develop new methods of extracting underlying patterns from data, text and Web pages, and/or building predictive models.
  • Parallelization in database environment. This is important when the amount of data is huge, there is large number of users and stringent time requirements are imposed.
  • Active databases. These types of databases have immense applications in computer systems, traffic management systems, security trading and communication networks.
  • Data replication in mobile computing. Minimize charges by using appropriate data replication schemes.
  • Fuzzy relational systems. This allows imprecise queries to be answered in the presence of imprecise data.
  • Visualization and integration of heterogeneous information. Applications include geospatial databases containing XML and multimedia information.
  • Moving objects databases. Research issues include modeling of dynamic location information, uncertainty management, spatio-temporal data access languages, indexing and scalability issues, data mining (including traffic and location prediction), location dissemination, privacy and security, location fusion and synchronization.
  For a more detailed overview:
Research Activities in Database Management and Information Retrieval at the University of Illinois at Chicago (PDF, PS)
Isabel Cruz, Ashfaq Khokhar, Bing Liu, Prasad Sistla, Ouri Wolfson, and Clement Yu
ACM SIGMOD Record, Volume 31, Number 3, September 2002
Other publications by the elements of the group (from the
DBLP bibliographic database):
Isabel Cruz, Ashfaq Khokhar, Bing Liu, Prasad Sistla, Ouri Wolfson, Clement Yu
Many graduate students are involved in research in this group. Also, the group has the tradition of attracting women, undergraduate students, including
women undergraduates.
The projects of this group are funded by several agencies, such as NSF (including three ITR awards) and ARO.

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