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Effective Abstractions in Multimedia
Layout, Presentation, and Interaction

Workshop to be held in conjunction with ACM Multimedia '95
November 4, 1995
San Francisco, California

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Workshop description

The topic of this one-day workshop is the study of abstract representations and methods for the structuring of multimedia/hypermedia documents and interactions. While multimedia/hypermedia has enjoyed marketing success and benefited from substantial work on the underlying engineering and systems mechanisms, there has been less emphasis on principled approaches at the application level. The focus here is on concepts and techniques that are useful for structuring and organizing heterogeneous information in multimedia/hypermedia applications from the perspective of both end-user delivery and authoring. While we hope to attract participants with experience in an eclectic mix of multimedia/hypermedia applications, the common thread will be the organization and abstraction of information. With such an emphasis, we hope to facilitate idea sharing and mutual understanding between researchers and developers in diverse areas (e.g., electronic publishing, video conferencing, digital libraries, command & control, etc.) that are all related to multimedia/hypermedia, but that have been, for the most part, isolated from each other. Problems likely to be discussed at the workshop include:

A representative set of techniques that are relevant to such problems include: Due to space limitations, attendance will be by invitation only.

Organizing Committee

Isabel Cruz (ifc@cs.uic.edu)
Joe Marks (marks@merl.com)
Kent Wittenburg (wittenburg@merl.com)

Program Committee

Elisabeth André, German Research Center for A.I. GmbH
Michael Christel, Carnegie Mellon University
Isabel Cruz, University of Illinois at Chicago
George Furnas, University of Michigan
Ramesh Jain, University of California San Diego
Fillia Makedon, Dartmouth College
Joe Marks, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Linn Marks, IBM Watson Research Labs
Larry Rowe, University of California Berkeley
Stuart Shieber, Harvard University
David Stotts, University of North Carolina
Dirk Van Gucht, Indiana University
Kent Wittenburg, Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs

Submission details

Submit an extended abstract (not more than five pages, single-spaced) describing previous work, recently completed work, or work in progress that is relevant to the workshop topic. Submissions should be submitted via e-mail: send ASCII text or PostScript files to kentw@bellcore.com. A subset of invited participants will be selected to give a presentation on their research and to compose a WWW page comprised of a final version of their submission, pointers to their own related papers and technical reports, and other relevant material (presentation slides, video segments, interactive demos, sample multimedia/hypermedia documents, etc.). Participants' Web nodes will be aggregated to form an on-line workshop proceedings.

Due dates

Receipt of submissions: July 15, 1995
Notification of acceptance: September 1, 1995
Completion of WWW-page materials: October 20, 1995

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