Links on Ontologies and Related Subjects


Knowledge Sharing Technology: A Quick Summary

ARPA Knowledge Sharing Effort public library. (no longer working)

Very nice simple introduction to Principles of ontology.

John Sowa's Web site on Ontologies

S. Decker
An introduction to ontologies

SemanticWeb Portal

KQML - Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language.

Knowledge Interchange Format.

IEEE Ontology

Standard Upper Ontology Content references

A very good page about the Upper Ontology:

Check also the ontology browser:

Sites Relevant to Ontologies and Knowledge Sharing.

Ontology: A Resource Page. (no longer available)

Ontology resources & conferences (no longer available)


KBS/Ontology Projects and Groups

SUNY Buffalo Dept of Philosophy Ontology pages.

About the KACTUS toolkit.

Negotiation Bibliography. (no longer working)

Ontology Home Page (CNR)

Ontology Papers from CNR

Structured Bibliography

Understanding, Building, And Using Ontologies

Methodology for Ontology-Driven Conceptual Analysis

Automatic Creation of Ontologies:

Automatic Lexical Knowledge Base creation from a known domain (Columbia U.)

Book proposal

The Hypertext Concordance: A Better Back-of-the-Book Index (Hinrich Schütze)

Ontology-Based Web Site Mapping for Information Exploration

Ontology Learning ECAI-2000 Workshop

Causality and Causation

XML metadata:

Metadata and Resource Description

Reconstructing DTD Best Practice

Ontologies for the web:



Information Filtering:

Research Resources on Information Filtering (no longer available)

David D. Lewis Papers (no longer available)

Digital Library:

University of Michigan Digital Library.

Untangling the web:

CyberStacks(sm) is a centralized, integrated, and unified collection of significant World Wide Web (WWW) and other Internet resources categorized using the Library of Congress classification scheme.


Heteronyms are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings based on pronunciation.


Taxonomy is the description of entities in a domain based on a formalization of the characteristics of the entities. (not active)


Mereology is concerned with the the study of the part/whole relation.  (no longer available)

Search Engines:

Resources and links to good information about search engines. (no longer available)

See also:

Search engine technologies from a congnitive perspective.

Information Retrieval:

Machine Learning applied to Information Retrieval. (no longer available)

Knowledge Sharing Technology is a research project in progress at the Stanford University.

The Use of Agents in Newspaper Layout.

Isabel Cruz