Fall 1993 (Mövenpick in Yorkville):

This was after my defense. To my right and around the table: Christina Christara, Tova Milo, Dimitris Plexousakis, Penny Photopoulos, Brian Nixon, Roberto Tamassia, Jeremy Cooperstock, Manny Noik, Peter Wood, Dimitra Vista, and Vinay Chaudhri (previously, committee members Alberto Mendelzon, John Mylopoulos, Vassos Hadzilacos, Mark Chignell, Tony Bonner, had been treated to lunch at the Faculty Club, which unfortunately external committee member Michael Kifer missed...)

Summer 1992 (Alberto's backyard):

Goodbye to Toronto... going on to Brown. The Database group and friends. Also leaving: Gösta Grahne (back to Helsinki), Michael Kifer (back to Stony Brook), Peter Revesz (to U Nebraska-Lincoln).