Introduction to C / C++ Programming
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This web site contains course notes for the "C+" programming language - A limited subset of C++ consisting primarily of those topics that are common to both C and C++, with just a few features of C++ included. Specifically the use of cin, cout, and cerr are included, as well as the use of the String class and some use of the iostream classes. This site does NOT cover exceptions, templates, pointers, function or operator overloading, or the writing of any classes or other object-oriented programming concepts. Inheritance is very briefly discussed, only so far as is necessary to understand the iostream hierarchy.


  1. This version of these course notes was assembled Fall 2009 by John Bell, for CS 109 at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Note: Any topic which does not have a page linked to it, or for which the linked page is unavailable, is under consideration and/or under development, and is subject to change.

Disclaimer: The following note pages are just that - notes. They serve as reminders to myself of what I want to talk about, but not much more. They do not replace the need for students to take their own notes during class, and they certainly do not replace reading and studying the material in the required textbook.

Course Notes, by Topic

  1. Introduction ( Historical - Not covered in the current semester. )
  2. The General Format of a C/C++ Program
  3. Program Development Approach
  4. Basic Data Types
  5. Operators
  6. Libraries
  7. Input and Output
  8. Decision and Branching Constructs
  9. Looping Constructs
  10. File I/O
  11. Functions
  12. Arrays
  13. Beyond the Scope of These Notes: