Introduction to Computer Graphics
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  1. This version of these course notes was assembled Spring 2005 by John Bell, for CS 488 at the University of Illinois Chicago.
  2. Much of the material in these course notes was provided by Andy Johnson, from his CS 488 course web pages. His original pages can be found at
  3. Some material is recycled from the Virtual Reality Programming course ( Eng 591 ) that I taught at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
  4. The required textbook for this course is "Computer Graphics, Principles and Practice" by Foley, vanDam, Feiner, and Hughes. Some material in these pages was taken from that book.
  5. Some material was taken from the current literature in the field of computer graphics and similar sources. Accreditation for these items is provided where such material appears.

Andy's Art Collection

When Andy Johnson teaches this course, he provides artistic examples of computer graphics for each lesson in his course. Rather than taking his images, many of which were provided to him by third parties, links are provided here to each of his art pages:

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