Introduction to Computer Networking
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This web site contains course notes for Introduction to Networking


  1. This version of these course notes was assembled Spring 2010 by John Bell, for CS 450 at the University of Illinois Chicago.
  2. These notes are based on the textbook "Computer Networking - A Top-Down Approach", Fifth Edition, by James F. Kurose and Keithe W. Ross, and may include figures from that text. ( All students enrolled in the course are expected to buy their own copy of the textbook. ) See the author-provided Companion Web Site for further information.
  3. Material is also borrowed from Jakob Ericson's computer networking notes.
  4. Here is a nice collection of Networking Posters from

Note: Any topic which does not have a page linked to it, or for which the linked page is unavailable, is under consideration and/or under development, and is subject to change.

Disclaimer: The following note pages are just that - notes. They serve as reminders to myself of what I want to talk about, but not much more. They do not replace the need for students to take their own notes during class, and they certainly do not replace reading and studying the material in the required textbook.

Course Notes, by Topic

  1. Computer Networks and the Internet
  2. Application Layer
  3. Transport Layer
  4. The Network Layer
  5. The Link Layer and Local Area Networks
  6. Wireless and Mobile Networks
  7. Multimedia Networking
  8. Security in Computer Networks
  9. Network Management
  10. Beyond the Scope of These Notes: