John Thornton Bell

Instructional Activities


I believe that a professor's teaching activities are every bit as important as his or her research efforts. I therefore strive to not only deliver the best possible education to my students, but also to continuously develop new and better methods of training future engineers and to share those new techniques with other engineering educators.


Development of Virtual Reality as an Educational Tool. Under an NSF grant, the applicability of virtual reality as an educational tool is being investigated through the development of modules covering chemical kinetics and reactor design, safety and hazard analysis, thermodynamic relationships, multi-dimensional mathematics, and other topics.

Course Development. Completely revised the first semester senior plant design course to improve the cohesion of the course and increase the relevance of the material covered.

Over 8000 hours of classroom experience in chemical engineering and computer science.


Classes Taught at The University of Michigan:

Classes Taught at The Computer Classroom, Inc.:

Classes Taught at The University of Wisconsin ( Teaching Assistant ):