EECS 365: The SPIM/SAL Software

The software used in this class is called SPIM, which is MIPS spelled backwards; MIPS is the processor in Silicon Graphics workstations. The SPIM software was originally developed at the U. of Wisconsin. We are using a particular version called SPIM/SAL, designed to accompany the text "A Programmer's View of Computer Architecture," by Goodman and Miller. In short, SPIM/SAL adds a number of instructions to the MIPS instruction set to make life easier for the assembly language programmer. The software is used to ease the student into this style of programming; after a couple of assignments, the student is then subjected :-) to the underlying MIPS architecture (and thus SPIM proper).

There are many versions of SPIM/SAL and SPIM floating around the net, running under UNIX, Win3.1, Win95, and the Mac OS. However, EECS 365 is using a locally-modified version of SPIM/SAL. You can get a tar file of the Unix version by clicking here. Our version of SPIM/SAL contains the following extensions:

SPIM/SAL runs only from the command-line via the command "spimsal". The general version of SPIM is also available, in two modes: enter "spim" to run the command-line version, and "xspim" to run the X windowing system version.

Here are some documents concerning SPIM/SAL and the general version of SPIM. For more information on the extensions concerning the SPIM/SAL version used in class, consult your textbook ("A Programmer's View of Computer Architecture, by Goodman and Miller).