JIEXIN(ALAN) LIAN   Research Assistant, Ph.D. Candidate

Concurrent Software System Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago

Office:          2054 Engineering and Research Facility 
842 W Taylor St, 60612, Chicago, IL
Telephone:   +1 (312)413-2103
Email:           jlian1[at]cs[dot]uic[dot]edu



   Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science (Sep.2004–Present)
      Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL

   Ph.D  Student in Computer Science (Sep.2003–Aug.2003)
      Department of Computer Science, College of William & Mary, VA 

   M.S.  Student in Computer Science (Sep.2001–Jul.2003)
      Fudan University, Shanghai,China 

   B.S. in Computer Science (Sep.1996–Jul.2001)
      Tongji University, Shanghai,China


  Research Interests 

Petri net Theory and Application. Formal methods, UML Language, Multiple Agent System.
  Project Description 

  Converting UML to Color Petri net

  Color Petri net based Agent Modeling

  Selected Publications 
Jiexin Lian, Sol M. Shatz: A Modeling Methodology for Conflict Control in Multi-Agent System. Under review at  international Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering (IJSEKE).

 Jiexin Lian, Sol Shatz: Potential Arc: A Modeling Mechanism for Conflict Control in Multi-Agent Systems. Accepted by 4th Symposium on Design, Analysis, and Simulation of Distributed Systems 2006 (Part of Spring Simulation Multi-conference). April 2006, Huntsville, Alabama.

 Zhaoxia Hu, Sol Shatz, Jiexin Lian: A Transformation Approach for Modeling and Analysis of UML Statements: Pattern-Based Analysis and Case Studies. Submitted to Software Quality Journal.

  David Coppit, Jiexin Lian: yagg: an easy-to-use generator for structured test inputs. The 20th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering 2005: 356-359

Hongtao Zhong, Jiexin Lian, Songnian Li: The Application of Time Parameter in Distributed Database, Journal of Computer Engineering and Applications. Vol. 40, No. 8 P.184-186,189. 2004

Jiexin Lian, Jiamao Liu, Ning Gu: Collaboration Independence Based Workflow Optimization. The 20th National Conference on Databases. Changsha, China, 2003

Shaohua Zhang, Ning Gu, Jiexin Lian and Saihan Li: Workflow Process Mining Based on Machine Learning, In Proc. of 2003 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics, Vol. 3, pp 2319-2324, 2003


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