Research & Publications
  • I am interested in computer security, especially program analysis. I work under the guidance of Professor Aravinda P Sistla and Professor V.N.Venkatakrishnan. Currently I am working on techniques to enhance the confidentiality of sensitive data using program analysis.

    • Our work on "SWIPE: Minimizing the Memory Footprint of Sensitive Data in Large Scale Systems Software" got published in proceedings of ACM CODASPY 2012.
  • I am also interested in applying formal methods for monitoring and verifying programs and did some work under Professor Aravinda P Sistla.

    • Our work on "Monitoring the full range of ω-regular Properties of Stochastic Systems" got published in proceedings of VMCAI-2009.

At CMC (Tata company):
First Job
  • My first job at CMC was to enhance their existing product on Public Key Infrastructure, where I had to develop the software for enhancements for a Certifying Authority to issue Digital Certificates.
  • This experience helped me to understand the concepts of authentication and non-repudiation and their importance in the e-commerce applications. develop the software oneabove for enhancements for a Certifying develop the software eabove for enhancements for a Certifying
Department of Computer Science
851 S. Morgan st, Room 1120, M/C 152,
University of Illinois at Chicago
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