I am no longer at UIC.

Kaidi Zhao (kaidizhao+@+gmail.com, without the plus sign)

Ph.D. / Research Assistant Computer Science Dept, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Master of Science (2000-2002), School of Computing, National University of Singapore.

Bachelor of Science (1995-1999), Computer Science Dept, Peking University.


I am no longer at UIC.

Short Summary

8+ years research experience in Data Mining (including visual data mining, web, text, etc.). 

2 years Oracle experience in Oracle China H.Q., Technical Support Analyst. 

Profound skills in Java, VC++, Oracle DB/WebServer, UNIX, MS Windows/Office, etc.


Research Interests

Data Mining: Visual data mining, Industrial data data mining, Web mining, Text mining, etc.

Ph.D. supervisor: Prof. Bing Liu.
Currently in research cooperation with MATC, Motorola Advanced Technology Center, IL. USA. 

Selected Publications

Other Research Projects

Other Documents or Publications

Research Experience

    8+ years of research experience:

Industrial Experience

I am no longer at UIC