Proceedings of KDD Cup and Workshop 2007

The Workshop was Co-organized by ACM SIGKDD and Netflix

Held during KDD-2007, San Jose, California, Aug 12, 2007

Workshop Program, which includes two invited talks

James Bennett, Charles Elkan, Bing Liu, Padhraic Smyth, and Domonkos Tikk

The Netflix Prize
James Bennett and Stan Lanning

Netflix Prize Papers

Full Papers

Improved Neighborhood-based Collaborative Filtering
Robert M. Bell and Yehuda Koren

Variational Bayesian Approach to Movie Rating Prediction
Yew Jin Lim and Yee Whye Teh

On the Gravity Recommendation System
Gabor Takacs, Istvan Pilaszy, Bottyan Nemeth, and Domonkos Tikk

Short Papers

Methods for Large Scale SVD with Missing Values
Miklos Kurucz, Andras A. Benczur, and Karoly Csalogany

Improving Regularized Singular Value Decomposition for Collaborative Filtering
Arkadiusz Paterek

Collaborative Filtering via Ensembles of Matrix Factorizations
Mingrui Wu

KDD Cup Papers

Task 1: Who Rated What in 2006

First Place Winner

Who Rated What: a Combination of SVD, Correlation and Frequent Sequence Mining
Miklo Kurucz, Andras A. Benczur, Tamas Kiss, Istvan Nagy, Adrienn Szabo and Balazs Torma

First Runner-Up

A Classical predictive Modeling Approach for Task "Who Rated What" of the KDD Cup 2007
Jorge Sueiras, Alfonso Salafranca, and Jose Luis Florez

Second Runner-Up

Predicting Who Rated What in Large-Scale Datasets
Yan Liu and Zhenzhen Kou

Fourth Place

A Two-Phase Spectral Bigraph Co-Clustering Approach for the Who Rated What Task in KDD Cup 2007
Ting Liu, Yonghong Tian, and Wen Gao

Task 2: How Many Ratings in 2006

First Place Winner

Making the Most of Your Data: KDD Cup 2007 "How Many Ratings" Winners Report
Saharon Rosset, Claudia Perlich, and Yan Liu

First Runner-Up

A Combination of Approaches to Solve Task "How Many Ratings" of the KDD Cup 2007
Jorge Sueiras, Daniel Velez, and Joe Luis Florez

Second Runner-Up

KDD Cup 2007 - How often Will That Movie be Rated?
James Malaugh, Sachin Gangaputra, and Nikhil Rastogi

Fourth Place

K-split Based Approach to Predict Movie Rating Frequency
Hariprasad Bommaganti and Anand Nagarajan

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