CS411 Spring 2020

CS 411 - Spring 2022 (under construction ...)

Artificial Intelligence I

Course Objective

This course aims to introduce the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Think and Ask!

If you have questions about any topic or assignment, DO ASK me, TA or even your classmates for help. I am here to help and to make the course understood. DO NOT delay your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. The only obstacle to learning is laziness. Please use Blackboard to post your questions.

General Information



Teaching materials

Topics and Slides (slides will be uploaded to Blackboard as we go along)

  1. Introduction
  2. Solving problems by searching
  3. Constraint satisfaction problem Slides
  4. Game playing
  5. Propositional logic and reasoning
  6. First-order logic and reasoning
  7. Reasoning under uncertainty
  8. Supervised learning: decision tree and naive Bayes
  9. Supervised learning: linear regression and logistic regression
  10. Supervised learning: neural networks and deep learning
  11. Unsupervised learning
  12. Advanced topic: Introduction to sentiment analysis and opinion mining
  13. Advanced topic: Introduction to lifelong and continual learning
  14. Wrapup

Rules and Policies

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By Bing Liu, Dec. 20 2021