Industry appointments

Nokia Location and Commerce, Chicago, IL 2012
Software architect and researcher in the pedestrian and maps department

Computerized Facilities Integration, Chicago, IL summer 2011
Software Architect
Agile and scrum development, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Oracle

2011 NAVTEQ (Nokia owned), Chicago, IL
Software Consultant
Automatic software testing of map objects
Tools used-Robot, Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Web Driver, Java, Maps (Navteq, Bing, OpenLayers), Tomcat, SmartGWT.

2010-2011 Research In Motion (BlackBerry),Rolling Meadows, IL
Software Developer- Intern (Chief architect for the Dunns River System)
Developed a set of tools, framework and applications for a Intelligent Patent Management System. Techniques used - JEE tools, Hibernate Core/Search, Web Services (Axis-SOAP), Wiki, Apache Tomcat, Drools, Maven, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Bugzilla.

2009-2010 BYTELAW, Golf Road, IL
Software Consultant
Patent extraction and Patent search enterprise system

2003-2004 SYNCON, Kingston, Jamaica
Technical Specialist
Internet/Intranet Development, Installations and Support Network Design, Network Traffic Monitoring and Measurement, Network Growth and Transition Planning, On-Call Network Support/Scheduled Maintenance, Customized System Projects Training

Research appointments

Research Assistant for Professor Ouri Wolfson (University of Illinois, Chicago), 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012
Databases and Mobile Computing Laboratory - The laboratory is engaged in advanced research in various aspects of databases and mobile computing, most of which are closely connected with industry. The projects currently undertaken by the lab are active databases, moving objects databases, adaptive replication, context awareness, and semantic multicast. The laboratory is led by Ouri Wolfson.

Research Assistant for Professor Philip Yu (University of Illinois, Chicago), 2010, 2011, 2012
Next Generation Data Mining and Social Computing (NGDS) LAB - The lab focuses on next generation data management and mining issues with special attention to social computing.Traditional data mining focuses on record oriented data. However, many new applications are with graph oriented data, where the linkage relationships among the entities need to be captured, analyzed and mined. Data stream technology offers an alternative paradigm to perform continuous real-time filtering, analysis and mining of high volume data that continuously being generated and collected. Privacy preserving data publishing is critically needed for sharing of data. Clouding computing platform offers a new computing platform to manage and mine data.

Research Associate for Professor Jakob Eriksson (University of Illinois, Chicago), 2009
BITS laboratory - The laboratory is engaged a variety of research in Networked Systems. Our work revolves around real-world applications, such as open wireless Internet access, transit navigation, and traffic management.

Academia appointments

University of Technology, Jamaica (2004-2008)
Lecturer - full time

University College of the Caribbean, Kingston Jamaica (2006-2008)
Lecturer - part time

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