The Courses in Computer Science:

The courses about machine learning, data mining, text mining, opinion mining .etc.


1. Data Mining and Text Mining                 Prof. Bing Liu      University of Illinois at Chicago    

2. Data Mining                                             Prof.  Cosma Shalizi          CMU 

3. Introduction to Machine Learning          Prof.  Amnon Shashua       HUJI

4. Interacting with Data                                                                             Princeton University

5.  Statistical Methods in Natural Language Processing                      UW

6. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence                                                    UCSD

7.  Speech Recognization and Statistical Language Model               UR

8.  Machine Learning                                                                               CMU

9.  Computational Learning Theory                                                        SUNY at Buffalo 

10.  Advanced Natural Language Processing                                       Univ of Wisc.

11.  Extracting Social Meaning and Sentiment                                     Stanford

12.  Linear Algebra and Data Mining                                                     University of Texas at Arlington

13.  Optimization                                                                                       CMU

14.  Quantitative Methods                                                                        CMU

15.  Statistical Learning Theory                                                               UCB