Opinion Lexicon

The lexicon-based approach for opinion mining depends on opinion (or sentiment) words, which are words that express positive or negative sentiments. Words that encode a desirable state (e.g., "great" and "good") have a positive polarity, while words that encode an undesirable state have a negative polarity (e.g., "bad" and "awful"). Although opinion polarity normally applies to adjectives and adverbs, there are verb and noun opinion words as well.

The lexicon contains two classes (positive/negative) and 10 specific lists.

Postive classs:

(1)  Positive Noun

(2)  Positive Adjective

(3)  Positive Adverb

(4)  Positive Verb

(5)  Positive Phrase (unavailable)


Negative class:

(1)  Negative Noun

(2)  Negative Adjective

(3)  Negative Adverb

(4)  Negative Verb

(5)  Negative Phrase (unavailable)



You are free to use the opinion lexicion. The current one is still small, you can help edit and add more words.