Dr. Murata Received the First Carl Adam Petri Distinguished Technical Achievement Award

Prof. Tadao Murata of the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA, was presented the Carl Adam Petri Distinguished Technical Achievement Award at the Society for Design & Process Science (SDPS) Workshop held in Kusadasi, Turkey, on September 4-6, 2000. This award has been established by the SDPS to honor German computer scientist, Dr. Carl Adam Petri whose 1962 dissertation became the origin of the research field of Petri nets and their applications to concurrent information technology systems. Prof. Murata was selected as the first recipient of the award by the SDPS, based on his many significant contributions to the field for the past 26 years. The Award includes a plaque with the citation: "In recognition of distinguished and meritorious achievement in the development and application of scientific knowledge to the solution of complex technical and organizational problems".

The award plaque

Dr. Murata (right) receiving the C. A. Petri Award from Dr. A. Ertas of SDPS