Funding for MVD'13 has been provided by the NSF, MSR, NEC and Rockwell Collins.

Student Reimbursements

Each attendee should fill out a Reimbursements Form and send it to Patricia Koestner at Students should make sure to include their name, address, justification of expense( attending the MVD 2013 conference) and then the expenses that correlate with their receipts. Students should make sure to include an email address somewhere in the form so that we have a way to contact them.

UIUC students will need to be put into the TEM system, if they are not already there. To be put into the TEM system, they will first need to fill out the Information Security Compliance Form, with their Name, UIN, and signature. Then they will need to send it back to Patricia Koestner at It will then take 2-3 days to get them into the TEM system. Once they are in, they can log into with their enterprise id and password and then set Patricia Koestner up as their proxy (instructions). If they already in the TEM system, they will just need to set up Patricia Koestner as their proxy (instructions). Once this is completed, we will be able to enter their reimbursement and then send them an email telling them to submit it.

Non-UIUC students will need to fill out a Vendor Information Form and then send them back to Patricia Koestner ( We prefer that the students not fax or send this form in on their own as we need to get their vendor id numbers. Depending on whether the student is a foreign national, and what their visa status is, there will be additional documents that they will need to fill out. Once we receive their vendor id numbers, we will be able to process their reimbursement.

Questions can be sent to Patricia Koestner (