Page for CS594, Fall 2002, Automated Optimal Decision-Making, taught by Piotr Gmytrasiewicz

Here is a partial list of the presentations with dates:
  • Oct 23, Minqing Hu, A. Cassandra, "Optimal policies for POMDPs", second part, ppt presentation

  • Reading for Mon, Oct 28: Fourth Down in pdf

  • Presentation for Mon, Oct 28: Fourth Down in pdf, by Brad Pahlke

  • Presentation for Wed, Oct 30: Planning and Acting in Partially Observable Stochastic Domains, by Hui Huang

  • Presentation for Mon, Nov 4: Decision-Theoretic Agent Design, by Xin Lu

  • Presentations for Wed, Nov 6: by Sohail Yusuf and by Kaidi Zhao

  • Presentation for Mon, Nov 11: POMDP's: Exact and Approximate Solutions, by Bharanee Rathnasabapathy

  • Presentations for Wed, Nov 13: by Yijue Hou and by Prashant Doshi

  • Presentations for Mon, Nov 18: by Ming Zhou and by Prashant Doshi

  • Presentations for Wed, Nov 20: by Bin Wu and by Guanrao Chen

  • Presentation for Mon, Nov 25: by Yasuhiro Kirihata.

  • Mon, Dec 2: CLASS CANCELLED.

  • Presentation for Wed, Dec 4: by Marcin Kadluczka.