Project 1: Heat of the moment.

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The application use diffent .txt and .csv files as the input data.

  • "history.txt" : Contains the temperature readings by room. Available at : history.txt
      The application reads the txt file and filter the data to remove temperature readings that are not in the correct format. After filter the data, daily averages and montly averages are computed.
  • "ChicagoTemperatures.csv" : Contains the daily temperature of the Chicago area from Jul/29/2005 to Jul/31/2011. Available at: ChicagoTemperatures.csv

      The application loads the csv file and computes montly averages. The historical daily temperatures were adquired from WeatherUnderground website:, and manually saved it as the ChicagoTemperatures.csv

  • "SchoolCalendar.csv" : Contains the UIC start and end dates of each session from Summer 2005 to Fall 2011. Available at: SchoolCalendar.csv

      The application loads the csv file to show the start and end of each session in the graph. The historial information was obtained from the UIC calendar and manually saved it as the SchoolCalendar.csv