Past Classes

CS487, Secure Computer Systems Fall 2012, Fall 2013
CS473, Compiler Design Spring 2013, Spring 2014
CS480, Database Systems Spring 2012, Spring 2016

Mentoring and Advising

I am the project coordinator and student advisor for SFS Scholars at UIC. This scholarship provides financial support and training in security to undergraduate and graduate students of the CS Department at UIC. The financial includes full coverage of tuitions and fees, a stipend, and book and scholastic expenses reimbursements. In return for the support, SFS scholarship recipients must, after graduation, gain employment in a federal, state, city, or tribal agency.
In addition to classes focused on security, SFS scholars participate in many exciting activities, such as security competitions and summer schools, and in weekly meetings to learn about attack and defense tools and techniques.
Students interested in the SFS scholarships are welcome to contact me.