Satya Kiran Popuri

Graduate Student

Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
Office: Lab for Advanced Computing - 706 SEO
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[Sun Feb 17 23:01:35 PST 2008] I am no longer at UIC. I am a systems software engineer at NVIDIA.

[Sat May 19 17:29:33 CDT 2007] I am an intern at the Mathematics and Computer science division, Argonne National laboratory, this summer. I am working on the Zepto OS project.

[Wed Dec 20 00:03:11 CST 2006] I got an award! The Caterpillar Homeland Security award of Excellence was presented by RITES to me for my work on Secure data lifetime reduction and SayAnything Certificates.

[Wed Nov 22 07:17:58 CST 2006] I was at Supercomputing 2006 (Tampa, FL) last week! Had a very good time talking to people from the industry and various research labs.

I am working on GNU Bison this summer. I got some internals documented. Here is an article on Understanding C parsers generated by GNU Bison.

Research interests

Operating systems, Kernel programming, Systems software, Security, How to play my guitar like James Hetfield.


B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering,
Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam, India.
Project: The Third Eye - A Steganography tool.


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[Available upon request.]


Zepto OS - A Linux based research Operating System for IBM Blue Gene supercomputers.

Ethos - An Operating system for the Xen hypervisor.

Interactive mode bison - An interactive gdb style debugger for Bison grammars.

System/T - Design and implementation of a transactional store providing ACID properties.

SidGrid - Social Informatics Data Grid is a grid computing and collaboration platform for data processing in social sciences.

CDL compiler - A compiler for Certificate Description Language (CDL), part of SayAnything certificate architecture being developed at RITES

Secure data lifetime reduction in C programs- A research project that aims at reducing lifetime of memory resident sensitive data in running processes. [Research paper available on request.]

The Third Eye - A steganography tool. This program can hide your secret data into bitmap images.

XTalk (Crosstalk) - A simple command line chat server and client with IRC style control commands.

Cminus - A compiler for a subset of the C programming language. Generates MIPS instructions as output.

Concept design of a kiosk - This is a user interface design for an electronic kiosk for the Chicago transit authority.

Update - My patch for Bison graphviz output was accepted and is now a part of Bison.

Linux kernel

I have implemented and benchmarked hugetlb pages in the IBM bluegene IO node kernel.

I started working on enhancing the current implementation of pkMem this semester.

GNU Bison

Check out my bison page for some of the work I am doing on GNU Bison.

Course schedule

[spring 2007] [fall 2006] [spring 2006]

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