TJ O'Donnell


Artist & Scientist
Consultant in Scientific Computing and Visualization

President, gNova Inc.

Cheminformatics Art & Graphics Fun

Using OEChem to Extend PostgreSQL 

Assembling off-the-shelf Components Into Useful Applications using Daylight toolkit, Marvin View and Edit, and ChemDraw 

Molalign: 2D alignment of MDL molfiles for better display 

NeighborSearch: A Web Tool for Exploring Molecular Neighborhoods 

WebTables: Computing Molecular Properties on the Web 

ChemMart: One-stop Web Shopping of Structural Databases 

CLUE: a GUI for cluster analysis 

Gallery of Computer Art 

1998 Molecular Graphics Art Show 

1994 Molecular Graphics Art Show 

Molecular surfaces 


Quill Pen refills 

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