Instructor:                  Patrick Troy

Office:                                    919 SEO                           

Phone:                        (312) 996-8521



Class Times:              2:00 - 2:50 MWF

Location:                    329 BH


Text:                           Computer Architecture, A Quantitative Approach, 2nd Ed.

                                    by Hennessy and Patterson, Morgan Kaufmann Pub.


Topics:                       Introduction to Computer Architecture              Ch.            1

                                    Instruction Set Design                                                Ch.            2

                                    Pipelining                                                                Ch.            3,4

                                    Memory-Hierarchy Design                                                Ch.            5

                                    Storage Systems                                                       Ch.            6

                                    As time permits:

                                    Interconnection Networks                                           Ch.            7

                                    Multiprocessors                                                     Ch.            9


Course Work:            Homeworks                                                             35%

                                    Midterm (9/26/2001)                                       20%

                                    Midterm (10/31/2001)                                     20%

                                    Final            (12/4/2001)                                                            25%


Grading:                    100% - 90.0%              Grade A

                                    89.9% - 80.0%            Grade B

                                    79.9% - 70.0%            Grade C

                                    69.9% - 60.0%            Grade D

                                    59.9% - 0%                 Grade E


All programming assignments are due at 11:59 pm on the date stated on the assignment.  All other assignments are due at the beginning of class on the day they are due.  No late assignments will be accepted.  There will be approximately 10 homework assignments during the course of the semester.  The exams will be closed-book, closed-note exams. 


Attendance at class is up to the discretion of each student; however, each student is responsible for all information (notes, hand-outs, announcements, etc.) covered during class.  You should ask fellow classmates for missed information, not the instructor.  No "extra" work is allowed to make up for missed exams, missed labs or any poor performance.


If you have any questions regarding how any assignment or test is graded and you think that you deserve more points than you received,  you must see the instructor or TA about this within one week of the time the assignment is first returned to the class.  No claims, justifiable or not, will be considered after this dead line. 


Any student caught cheating will receive an E in the course, and face possible dismissal from the University.  Students are advised that it is a violation to copy, or allow another to copy, all or part of an exam or program.  We will be using MOSS to electronically monitor all program submissions.