CS 474 - Homework 1

Due: Monday 9/22/2003 by 11:59 pm

The first homework for CS 474 is to post a potential exam question and solution in the Discussion Board Forum "HW 1 - Exam 1 Questions" on the CS 474 Blackboard web site.

Each person is to create and post an exam quality question using the "Add New Thread" button in the Forum. The answer/solution posted as a reply to your question. Prof. Troy has posted a question to show how it should be done. If a posted question is not "exam quality", you may post two questions to earn full marks for the homework.

All questions must be posted by the end of day on Monday 9/22/2003. You should not post a rewording of someone else's question. The earlier post will be considered the original. Thus it pays to do this early.