Instructor:                  Pat Troy                (312) 996-8521    troy AT


Office Hours:                        TBA                                                                919 SEO


Class Times:              12:30 - 1:45                 T,Th                            F3 LC

                                    12:00 - 12:50               Wednesday              319 SH


TA:                              Li "Alex" Juzhong                                 alex3278 AT


Texts:                                  Just Java 2 by Peter van der Linden, Sun & Prentice Hall Publ., 6th Edition, ISBN: 0-13-148211-4

C++ for Java Programmers by Mark Weiss, Pearson Addison Wesley Publ., ISBN: 0-13-919424-X


Web Page:             


Course Work:            Programming Assignments (5 or 6)                        45%

                                    Critiques/Homeworks                                          5%

                                    Midterm 1                (TBA - Th 10/12/2006)            15%

                                    Midterm 2                (TBA - T 11/21/2006)            15%

                                    Final                           (TBA - Fri 12/15/2006)            20%


Grading:                    100% - 90.0%              Grade A

                                    89.9% - 80.0%            Grade B

                                    79.9% - 70.0%            Grade C

                                    69.9% - 60.0%            Grade D

                                    59.9% - 0%                 Grade E


Catalog                      Programming language semantics, scope, overloading, data

  Description:             abstraction, constructors. Procedural and object-oriented design, programming tools and environments. Interactive application structure and interface, windows, events, widgets.


Prerequisites:           Data Structures II (CS 202)


Course Goals:


No late assignments will be accepted.  Programs that do not compile will receive a grade of 0.  (Warning messages from the compiler are acceptable but should be resolved.)  Programs that terminate unexpectedly (throw an uncaught excpetion or cause a core dump) will not receive any credit for the portion of code being tested.  All programming assignments are to be turned in electronically and must compile and run on the CS department system.  If you develop your programs at home, plan on giving yourself enough time to port them to our system and make sure they run here!  Enforcing strict ANSI compliance is smart idea.


For each program, you are required to write a 1 to 2 page description of the objects used in your program.  This description is to be written in a README file and turned in with your code.  You will be required to critique another student's program.  Your critique will be returned to the student whose program you are critiquing.  If you do not turn in a program, you will not be allowed to write a critique.


If you have any questions regarding how any assignment or test is graded and you think that you deserve more points than you received, you must see the instructor about this within one week of the time the assignment is first returned to the class.  No claims, justifiable or not, will be considered after this dead line. 


Attendance at class is up to the discretion of each student; however, each student is responsible for all information (notes, hand-outs, announcements, etc.) covered during class.  You should ask fellow classmates for missed information, not the instructor or the TA.  Note that if you register late you are responsible for any material and assignments missed.


Any student caught cheating will face disciplinary action.  Students are advised that it is a violation to copy, or allow another to copy, all or part of an exam or program.  We will be using MOSS to electronically monitor all program submissions.


No incompletes will be given for poor performance in the course.  The UIC Undergraduate Catalog states that in addition to needing excellent justification for an incomplete, a student must also have been "making satisfactory progress in the course."  Therefore, incompletes will not be granted if the student has less than a C average at the time when asking for the incomplete.  No "extra" work is allowed to make up for poor performance. 


When sending email, students are advised to start the subject of the email message with the course name (CS 340).  This will help identify valid email from spam.