Honors Project

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Create an Online Tutorial for EECS 101

You are to create an Online Tutorial for some topic that is a part of the EECS 101 Class. The topic(s) is up to you to determine. Your tutorial needs to have a in depth discussion of the topic, which includes an explanation of different features of the topic. Your tutorial must have some annotated examples (with results) of how the topic item is used. Your tutorial must also include common applications of the topic. (i.e. You are to tell "how to use it" and "when to use it".)

By Friday October 30, 1998, you will need to drop off to Prof. Troy a written topic proposal. This proposal must contain the topic(s) that will be included on your tutorial. The purpose of this is for Prof. Troy to make sure that you are on "the right track" towards satisfactorily completing the project. This proposal can be handed in during class (lecture or lab) or at Prof. Troy's office hours. If you hand it in during lab, be sure to inform the TA to forward it to Prof. Troy.

The tutorial should be at least three "pages" in length. Note: your tutorial can be in a single HTML document, but is would need to be a long HTML document. You should be writing this with the intent that other students will be using your page to help them understand the topics in EECS 101. The really good pages will actually become part of the permanent EECS 101 web pages.

You are to write your tutorial so that all required files are in the same directory and links to other pages in your tutorial (if multiple pages exist) are written using relative page references. The grading for this assignment will be Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Prof. Troy will be the judge as to whether your tutorial is satisfactory. Note: an acceptable topic proposal does not guarentee a satisfactory tutorial.

If you are currently taking another EECS course, you may write your tutorial for that course providing you get the permission of the faculty member teaching that course. You will need to have the faculty member contact Prof. Troy to inform him of your agreement.

As always, late assignments will not be accepted.

You must electronically submit your assignment using the UNIX command turnin. To electronically hand in your assignment using the UNIX turnin type the following command, where FILELIST is the names of all of the files you are submitting. Be sure to include all files that your tutorial uses (including image files).

New Information

Add a link from your home page to your honor's tuorial so it can be found easily. Thanks.

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