Create your own information web

Create your own information web

Due Dates:

What are you interested in? What do you know about that other people on the Web might like to learn? The Web has an extremely low signal-to-noise ratio and sorely needs your valuable expertise. Your job in this assignment is to put some quality content out there on the Web.

What shall you write about? Really, anything you like. Do you have some good recipes? Do you know more about the Chicago Bulls than any other living human being? Would you like to make some original artwork available to the world? Would you like to tell us something about the beauty and culture of your home city or country? Have you figured out how to do something for this course that would really help the poor students that have to take it in the future?

Your assignment is to create a collection of Web pages revolving around your interesting topic. You must meet the following technical requirements:

In addition, you must meet the following content requirements:
Grading will be out of a maximum of 100 points. Grading will be split between the two sets of requirements: 50 points for meeting the technical requirements, and 50 points for meeting the content requirements. The technical points should be almost automatic, but we will be grading fairly tough on content. You should get an early start on your research for content. As always, late assignments will not be accepted.

You must electronically submit all of your .html files using the UNIX command turnin. Do NOT submit any image files!! To electronically hand in your assignment using the UNIX turnin type one of the following commands depending on which lecture your are registered, where FILELIST is the names of all of the files you are submitting.
 Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
 University of Illinois at Chicago