Use of Java on the EECS Department UNIX Machine

The Java Development Kit with the Java Swing Library (Also known as Java 2 or Java 1.2 - Yes, I know it is confusing) is in the directory of:
This will be the version of the Java Development Kit that will be use in EECS 370 this semester. Make sure this directory is in your path. A simple way to check this is to use the which command such as:
    i370@oscar:~> which javac
The above command shows the path location of the javac command you would execute with your current path settings. If the javac command is from the proper directory, the path is set correctly.

Consider the following java program called

    // File:

    // Sample simple java program.  Required by law to be the first
    // java program anyone every sees.  :)

    // To run.  First compile the program
    //    $> javac
    // Next, run the java interpreter specifying the HelloWorld class
    //    $> java HelloWorld

    public class HelloWorld
     public static void main (String [] args)
         System.out.println ("Hello World!");
To compile the program type the command:
    $> javac
To run the program, invoke the java interpreter specifying the HelloWorld class.
    $> java HelloWorld