You must be in your eecs account (permanent or temporary) to run turnin. It will not work from icarus.

The syntax for turnin with mp1:

turnin -c eecs370 -p mp1 myproj1

Suppose you have make a directory myproj1 which contains all you files you'd like to turn in. The turnin command given above should be executed at the parent directory of the myproj1 directory ( i.e in the directory when you use "ls" command, you can see myproj1 directory

Don't turnin to eecs370a, that won't be graded!

For later projects, just change the "mp1" to "mp2", "mp3" Of course, change the directory name to the one needed to be turned in.

It is also a good idea to make sure you DO NOT modify your program files until after you get your "final" grade for that program. By doing this, you can verify that your program was finished on time by looking at the time stamps of your program files. If you wish to change your program after you how turned it in, make a copy of the program and modify the copy. Changing the write permissions on your program files is a good idea so you don't accidentally modify your program files and change the time stamp.