CS 101 - Introduction to Computers

Spring 2002


Patrick Troy


919 SEO


312) 996-8521



Office Hours:


Lecture Times:

11:00 - 12:15 T,Th LC - F4

Lab Times:

9:00 - 9:50 Wednesday 121 TH - SEL 2249F

10:00 - 10:50 Wednesday 302 AH - SEL 2249F

9:00 - 9:50 Friday 316 BH - SEL 2249

10:00 - 10:50 Friday 316 BH - SEL 2249F


        A Practical Guide to the UNIX System (3rd. ed.), by Sobell, Benjamin Cummings Publ.

        JavaScript Bible, by Goodman, IDG Books

        The World Wide Web


Lab Assignments (Almost Every Week) 10 %

MP1 - Home Page (Week of 1/21/02) 3 %

MP2 - Weblet (Week of 2/4/02) 4 %

MP3 - JavaScript 1 (Week of 2/25/02) 4 %

MP4 - JavaScript 2 (Week of 3/11/02) 5 %

MP5 - JavaScript 3 (Week of 4/8/02) 5 %

MP6 - Shell Script (Week of 4/22/02) 4 %

Exam 1 (2/19/02 in lecture) 20 %

Exam 2 (4/2/02 in lecture) 20 %

Final (TBA-5/2/02 10:30 - 12:30) 25 %


100% - 90.0% Grade A

89.9% - 80.0% Grade B

79.9% - 70.0% Grade C

69.9% - 60.0% Grade D

59.9% - 0% Grade E


UNIX and HTML Weeks 1-4

JavaScript Weeks 5-11

UNIX Shell Scripts Weeks 12-15


Upon completion of CS 101, students should be able to:


Use the Internet as an information, communication, and learning resource, and to add value to the Internet by sharing information with others.

Use both contemporary microcomputers and workstations for Internet access, programming, and personal and professional productivity.

Define and employ contemporary programming concepts to design, construct, and test original interactive intellectual products.

Demonstrate responsible and ethical use of computer systems.

Use the knowledge and skills developed in CS 101 as a firm foundation for acquiring a degree in CS in the College of Engineering.

The lab assignments will be given out in lab and are due by the end of lab the following week. Each lab assignment will count for 1% of the final grade. If more than 10 lab assignments are given, the ten best assignments will be used for the determination of the final grade. No late assignments (either lab assignments or machine problems) will be allowed for this course. All assignments are to be turned in electronically.


If you have any questions regarding how any assignment or test is graded and you think that you deserve more points than you received, you must see the instructor about this within one week of the time the assignment is first returned to the class. No claims, justifiable or not, will be considered after this dead line.


Attendance at class is up to the discretion of each student; however, each student is responsible for all information (notes, hand-outs, announcements, etc.) covered during class. You should ask fellow classmates for missed information, not the instructor or the TA.


No "extra" work is allowed to make up for poor performance. Any student caught cheating will receive an E in the course, and face possible dismissal from the University. Students are advised that it is a violation to copy, or allow another to copy, all or part of an exam or program. No incompletes will be given for poor performance in the course.


Final letter grades will be assigned based on the total number of point earned during the semester. The letter grades will be assigned on a curve that will be no higher than those shown above in the "Grading" section.