CS 100 - Computer Literacy, Spring 2006

Homework 4 - Image Gallery

Due Date: Thursday 4/27/2005 at 11:59 pm

Note: Late assignments will NOT be accepted!

For this assignment, you are to create a web page on your icarus account that will feature 5 different images that were modified using 5 different effects using programs written with JES. Your web page should also contain the original images that were used in your JES programs. These original images must either be your own original images or have a link to the original location.

For each of the images that were modified by JES, you must contain a short description of the effect used to create the image. The effects can be any code that was used during lecture, for a lab, for HW3 or something else that you created.

You are not to include your JES code on the web page. Your JES code must be emailed to the CS 100 instructor account account at i100@cs.uic.edu. Failure to email the code will cause a dramatic reduction in the score for this assignment. You are to include a link on your Icarus home page to the page you created of this assignment.

Department of Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago