CS 100 - Demo Page for Thursday 1/26/2006

Heading Examples

This is H1

This is H3

This is H6

This is going to be a really long paragagraph, just so that we can try out the justify alignment. In order to see the effect, I need at least two or three lines of text. I wonder if this is enough? Yes it is if I make the window small enough, and justify seems to work. :-)

Font Examples

The B tag makes Bold face.

The I tag make Italic. The EM tag makes Emphatic, which is similar.

The TT tag is for Teletype, useful for code examples. ( Also known as fixed-width. )


Nested Lists With Default Bullets

Some of my hobbies are:

  1. SCUBA
  2. Woodworking
  3. Photography

Testing default bullets

Bullet Types
  • This is type disc.
  • This is type circle.
  • This is type square.

    Number Types

    1. This is type I.
    2. This is type i.
    3. This is type A.
    4. This type is unspecified.
    5. This is type a.
    6. This is type 1.