CS 100 - Computer Literacy, Spring 2006

Lab 10

This assignment will have you use JES - Jython Environment for Students.

In the ACCC Labs that have JES, it can be found by:

  1. Clicking on Start
  2. Then click on All Programs
  3. Then click on Class Applications
  4. Then click on Engineering
  5. Finally click on Jython Environment for Students

Jython is an implementation of the python language written in the java programming language. So the real name of the programming language we are using is python. Files that contain python code are to use the file extension of

as in:

Lab Assignment 10

Due: Friday 3/31/2006 by 12:00 noon.

Write a python program in JES that will:

  1. Print out your name
  2. Print out your net-id
  3. Print out CS 100
  4. Print out your lab time
  5. Prompt the user for the name of a image on the local computer and display that image.

If you look at the python examples page for the examples from Lecture on 3/16/2006, you will see code that does what you need to do. The first 4 parts should be patterned after the code in the function printName(). The fifth part should be patterned after the code in the function pickAndShow(). Neither of these functions do exactly what the lab requires, so you will need to modify the functions to correctly satisfy the requirements of the lab.

You are to submit this web page electronically by emailling your program to the CS 100 instructor account at

Be sure to include a subject something like CS 100 Lab 10 for your email.

Comments on the ACCC Labs

On the computers in the ACCC Labs there should an H: drive. This drive is actually a networked connection to your own file space maintained by the ACCC. No matter what machine you use or what lab you are in, the H: drive will access the same file space. This means that you can save a file on the H: drive on a computer in one lab and access that same file on a computer in another lab. This can be very helpful. It is suggested that you store your python program files on your H: drive.