CS 100 - Computer Literacy, Spring 2006

Lab 3

This lab assignment will have you add some lists to your Icarus Home Page.

Note: To connect to Icarus from the ACCC labs in SEL, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Start"-->"All Programs"-->"Network Connectivity"-->"SSH Secure Shell"-->"Secure Shell Client". This will open SSH Client.
  2. Click "Quick Connect" icon or "Enter" key to connect to a host.
  3. The host name is:icarus.uic.edu, the username is your netid, the password is your netid password.

Lab Assignment 3

Due: Friday 2/3/2006 by 12:00 noon. Modify (or create) the file in the web directory of your icarus account with the name of index.html. This file is to contain:
  1. An unordered list containing your Net-ID, your major and your year (i.e. Freashman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior)
  2. A sentence (or two) describing the ordered list to be given for part 3 of this assignment.
  3. An ordered list of at least 5 items about anything you wish.

The ordered list that you submit can be on any topic you like. For example, your list could be:

Verify that your file is viewable via a web browser at the URL of:


where NETID is your own Net-ID
You can check this out via the link to your home page on the CS 100 Student List page.