CS 100 - Computer Literacy, Spring 2006

Lab 5

This lab assignment will have you create an HTML page that will contain a table.

Lab Assignment 5

Due: Friday 2/17/2004 by 12:00 noon

For this lab assignment, complete the following:

  1. Create a web page to display the following information:

  2. This web page must be placed in your web space (in your public_html directory) on your Icarus account.

  3. You are also required to put a link on your Icarus Home Page to the page you created for this lab.

    Verify that your link and the file are viewable via a web browser from the URL of:

    where NETID is your own Net-ID
    You can check this out via the link to your home page on the CS 100 Student List page. Once you are at your home page, follow the link you added to your home page for this lab assignment.

  4. You are also to submit this web page electronically by either emailling the page to the CS 100 instructor account at i100@cs.uic.eduo or using the UNIX turnin command.

    To use the UNIX turnin command to electronically hand-in your html file using the project name of lab5. To submit the file in <filename> for lab5, the turnin command is entered as:

         turnin -c troy -p lab5 <filename>
    Thus if your file has the name of lab5.html, the command would be:
         turnin -c troy -p lab5 lab5.html