Temporal Triggers in Active Databases for Monitor and Control

Project Description

We are building a rule-processing component that can be incorporated into commercial-off-the-shelf Database Management Systems. The component will add monitor and control capabilities to existing DBMS's. The target applications consist of a continuously changing database that represents the status of a real system (e.g. a battlefield). Using the rule-system the user will be able to specify conditions that need to be monitored in real-time over the changing database, and actions to be taken upon occurrence of these conditions.

Our rule system is used for specifying triggers. Each rule is an independent trigger that monitors a separate condition. This is unlike existing AI/logic-programming systems, where all the rules comprise a program with an input and an output. An additional difference is that in our systems the database is updated by transactions external to the rule-system.

There are two novel aspects of our rule-processing component.