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March, 2014:

"Heterogeneous Embedding via Aggregating Multiple Sources" is accepted by Journal Annals of Data Science.

Dec, 2013:

"GBC: Gradient Boosting Consensus Model for Heterogeneous Data" is published in Statistical Analysis and Data Mining.



Xiaoxiao (Ricky) Shi is currently a Quantitative Trader and Researcher focusing on large-scale machine learning and robust prediction techniques. After obtaining his bachelor and master degree in computer science, Xiaoxiao obtained his PhD degree in the field of machine learning and data mining with big data. Concurrently, he obtains a master degree in applied math. With the objective to apply academic research to real world practice, he has worked with several research institutes and companies, including Yahoo! Labs, AT&T Labs, Eagle Seven, Morgan Stanley Equity Trading Lab (ETL) and Engineers Gate Manager LP. Supervised by Prof. Philip S. Yu, Xiaoxiao's research interest covers the following topics:

•   Correlation among heterogeneous data, such as social advertising from both users' demographic features and users' social network;
•   Correlation among evolving time-series objects, such as finding dynamic correlations, finding the most influential financial products (shaker detection, cascading graph); further use the correlation in hedging and portfolio management.
•   Correlation among learning tasks, such as transfer learning.


Selected Awards:

"Learning from Heterogeneous Sources via Gradient Boosting Consensus" was selected as one of the 10 best papers published in SDM'12 (first author).
The 6th place of the ACM-ICPC Programming Contest, Guangdong Provincial Contest, 2006 (rank 6th among 212 contest teams).
Brainbench Master C++ Test: 4.84 (96%), Master Java Test: 4.12 (97%), Master C# Test (99%); Transcript ID: 10851086.
The 2nd place of the 1st intern hackday, 2011 [project].
Hewlett Packard Fellowship, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011 (only 1 student from Computer Science Department gets the award).


2009.8~2013.7: Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago, with supervisor Prof. Philip S. Yu.
2010.8~2012.12: Applied Math (Concurrent Degree) at Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago.