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Assignment 0: Install Fedora and Xen on VMware.

  1. Install VMware Workstation/Fusion on your laptop/desktop.
  2. Janosch Rux who works on Ethos made a VMware virtual machine image with Fedora 20 and Xen pre-installed. Download that image plus meta files from here. You may choose the package with or without GUI. Note: It works for VirtualBox too and should work with everything else that supports the Open Virtualization Format (ovf). But you are on your own to explore.
  3. In VMware, import the downloaded virtual machine. In VMware Fusion's case (for MAC OS X), select "File" -> "Import", and choose the ".OVF" file. Wait for the import to finish. If prompted "Would you like to upgrade this virtual machine?", choose "Don't Upgrade".
  4. Run the virtual machine with default boot options, which should be "Fedora, with Xen hypervisor". Use "root:ethos" to login and create your own credentials.
  5. Verify Xen is running. Type in "sudo xl list" and you should see something like this:
    Name                                        ID   Mem VCPUs	State	Time(s)
    Domain-0                                     0  6956     8     r-----   14904.8
  6. Have fun bringing up the networking, although it is not required for this course, at least not for now.

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